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    Published on July 25th, 2012 | by mrgrumpyninja


    D1NZ Awards Night- Pro and Prestigeous Awards

    Sorry this has been a while in coming, the site went down for the rebuild the day after the Pro-Am and Time Attack awards were run. My apologies to Hori Dori/ DMNZ, your awards are not on the list I have, so if you send me the results I will add

    Images of the night are HERE (Click)

    Best Angle- Andrew Redward- Advanti Racing/ Nankang Tire

    Best Presented – Bruce Tannock- Achilles Radial ( The Rocket Bunny)

    Best Comeback- Cole Armstrong – V Energy

    Most Improved- Darren Benjamin- Matts Computer Services

    Sportsmanship Superstar- Gaz Whiter- Tectaloy/ Toyo Tire

    Battle of the Season- Mad Mike Whiddett/ Jason Sellers

    The Smoke Machine- Curt Whittaker/ Mad Mike Whiddett

    Best Driver Website-

    NZ Drift  Ambassador- Mad Mike Whiddett

    Best Style- Mad Mike Whiddett – Redbull/ Speedhunters

    Most Dedicated Team/ Driver- Curt Whittaker- Whittaker Motorsport/ Team Dilusi

    Best Presented Engine Bay- Curt Whittaker

    Most Supportive Sponsor- Milwaukee Tools

    NZ Drift  Ambassador- Mad Mike Whiddett

    D1NZ Drift Ambassador- Fanga Dan Woolhouse

    Team Owner/Manager of the year – Warren Sare/ MGNinc

    D1nZ Driver of the Year- Curt Whittaker

    Keep Drifting Fun- Cole Armstrong


    D1NZ volunteer of the year- Phil Coleman

    10 years service award- Dan Tee Boon

    Dedication award- BEE KAY

    Directors Merit- SBPNZ


    Time attack – Saret M

    Drift Pro- Erron Soon

    Drift Pro-Am- Erron Soon

    People- Roo Wills

    Supporters of the year- SSS/Niko Reid Drift

    3 Responses to D1NZ Awards Night- Pro and Prestigeous Awards

    1. Liz says:

      Driver support crew / team of the year? 

      Wasn’t it Nico Reid Drift? Not Whittaker Motorsport.

    2. mrgrumpyninja says:

      I “think” that is the pit crew one, not the Fan one which is what NRD/ SSS won? Let me check with D1

    3. Lynley Megaphone Heron says:

      Correct Liz – Whittaker Motorsport ended up with 4 awards in total, most dedicated driver, driver of the year, best smoke machine and best presented engine bay.

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