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    Published on February 23rd, 2013 | by mrgrumpyninja


    The D-view, Hampton Downs, R4 of the Codys D1NZ National Drift Championship

    It’s hard to write something inspiring or new about this round, simply because many know it so well…..and therein lies the beauty of Round 4 of the Codys D1NZ title fight . Unlike the last 2 venues which have been purpose built and unknown, all the drivers in both the Pro and Pro-Am classes have done a number of laps around the countries premiere motor racing venue – Hampton Downs, and we should as a result see almost all get straight into their stride. This will likely result in certainly the closest battles of the season for the Pro-Am class, and perhaps a wider selection of potential winners in the Pro class.

    The viewing area at Hampton requires spectators to get in early to get the best view as the elevation changes mean that most only see portions of the drift section. With the added bonus of being the first ever event to allow viewing from the dirt bank which will place you on the inside of the drift section, I’d be expecting a big crowd to be in early.

    The section starts with a scrub prior to the grid lines up on the main straight away from spectators eyes (except those in the apartments)  before the drivers accelerate through 4 gears and attack turn 1 in a grip style to set themselves up for the run down towards the Gulf Oil billboard, the very best will be well sideways by this point and carrying as much angle as  possible as they go from what will likely be an inside initiation to an outside clip before coming back into a clip on the inner apex of turn 2, a smooth switch up and over the hill to an inner apex on turn 3 to another outer clip around 75m past the crest of the hill and if the drivers get their way a further switch back to a final clip on the opposite side of the track.  Battles at Hampton are generally won at the base of the hill, where the judges tend to punish those who have sat back and then shallow up on angle to close the gap up as drivers accelerate up the hill.

    Rather than the usual ‘pick the winner’,  as we all know that the usual suspects are in the hunt at this round, lets talk about a few of the special features of this round :

    Australian Champ Rob ‘ Ricky Bobby’ Whyte crosses the Tasman as the reigning ADGP title holder and will enter both the main competition and take part in a grudge match with Kiwi Drift King Curt Whittaker. Whytes 350z will be unlike anything seen here in NZ before with the unique supercharged engine setup making plenty of tire torching HP.  He is not unfamiliar to the Kiwis having appeared at the World Drift Challenge , and is one of the few to have beaten international star Luke Fink on Aussie soil. Expect Whyte to do well with his power delivery and Achilles 123s semi slick tires.

    Fellow ADGP campaigner Andreas “Agges” Paraskevas is also competing, and with Agges being of the all or nothing style,  the cat could well and truly be set amongst the pigeons as series points are on the line and some hopes could be upset early.

    Also happening on Saturday is some RC Drift, bought to you by 07d, cronic drift and speedi models. The team have been given an area of the skidpan to set up a course and it’s open to all who want to have a jam. With a number of D1NZ drivers including Mad Mike already throwing their hat in the ring for this, there will be just as much action going down in that area as on the track.

    Epik once again bring us the model search and personally, I just hope the turnout is bigger than baypark. I am unsure that model searches really even work these days, as lets face it….half the girls are all over FB wearing less on a regular basis.

    Hardparking once again rears its head, and Nick at Platinum Wheels is steering the ship. Over 100 entries are already in so this is shaping up to be huge. D1NZ events often bring out a unique style of ride not seen at other events.  My favourite cousin might even show his face with his internationally known ‘big red’ honda civic and a few packs of chicken.

    Contact Nick to book a spot, –

    To get you in the mood, Here’s last years victory celebrations as Curt Whittaker was crowned champ

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