Published on March 26th, 2012 | by mrgrumpyninja

    Heli Nats….Too street for an event?

    Well, this Heli comp idea seems to have stirred up just a little emotion out there in the virtual world, with people either for or against it quite strongly.

    For those who don’t know….the idea is pretty simple, take your 4wd turbo vehicle, generally either an Evo or WRX and get it to spin in a circle as tightly as possible as fast as possible. Its very “street” and is quite brutal on machinery, and hey I think it should be quite entertaining as do the guys from NZPC who are supporting this.

    Here is a quick demo from current D1NZ pro Niko Reid, who is rumoured to be among those giving this comp a go.

    Rules are-

    15 entrants max- you must register with me.

    There is no extra entry cost, just your normal gate entry fee

    Each entrant gets one go, and has only 2 minutes max to “freestyle” on the skid pan

    Car must be up to Wof/Rego standard

    You must wear a helmet

    This comp will take place after lunch before the D1NZ pro battles kick off, and prizes include NZPC subscription, Wynns Pack, $50 cash,    and perhaps most importantly for the winner, a quick highlight video clip made by SPBnz!


    For those who want to get in some practice, we suggest you enter the Gymkhana comp which is $50 and gives you as many goes as you can fit in during the day

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