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    Published on July 14th, 2011 | by mrgrumpyninja


    A history of Drifting in NZ….the winners.

    It seems that my rivalries post stirred up a fair bit of interest, so following on from that I decided to do a bit more digging into the history of Drifting in NZ. I was part of the very early incarnation of D1 with Frank, Justin, Thomas Chen and co, so this was a nice trip down memory lane and good test of the memory banks. Drifting has moved on a fair way but it also still remains firmly grounded at its roots in NZ, with the same welded diffs, bent panels, missing lights and last minute scratch builds still featuring at entry level.

    Its pretty exciting to think what the future might hold for Drifting in NZ, but to know where your going, first you need to know where you came from.Huge thanks to Justin Rood, GrayLynskey, Brendon White and Dan Teeboon for helping with this first initial list.

    This post will need  a fair bit of input, so I’m hoping the readers can help out. Don’t get angry if its wrong, just correct it :) Sorry to anyone that may have been missed, its not intentional

    Step 1- Identify anyone who has ever won a drift round in NZ,  Here goes.

    Gaz Whiter

    Carl Ruiterman

    Justin Rood

    JT Wharerau

    Fanga Dan Woolhouse

    Sean Falconer

    Adam Richards

    Curt Whittaker

    Victor Chapman

    Cole Armstrong

    Jason Sellers

    Mad Mike Whiddett

    Reece Mcbreen

    Craig Palmer

    Andrew Redward

    Dayna Jury

    Steve Sole

    Tiger White

     Ben Thomason

    Daynom Templeman

    Steps 2 & 3….

    Find out who actually won what round, in what season, of what competiton and then build a full history.

    I have a vauge recollection that the first ever “competition” event in NZ was at Pukekohe, and that Fanga Dan won it in a white r32 skyline?

    So….who did we miss? Apologies Drift South, I don’t know enough of your history to include it.

    Help me out here, and leave your name so we can credit your contribution. Please leave as much detail as possible, Round number, series and location.

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    14 Responses to A history of Drifting in NZ….the winners.

    1. Chloe Phail says:

      Jase won nzdrift round in puke before he went to singapore. So yeh..

    2. jimmy tubigg says:

      sam g won it didnt he? hes been telling everyone that for ages anyway

    3. Justin Rood says:

      Reece McBreen won final round 2004 held at Manfield

    4. Craig Palmer says:

      Hey bro,
      Mine was round 1 2004 @ puke.

    5. Lance Jones says:

      Some of the High Octane Videos would help you as they did cover a fair bit of coverage

    6. Bruiser says:

      Victors wins: 07 D1NZ Manfield “private” round and 04 Puke round

    7. falconer won it in the rotorua street round back in the day didnt he?

    8. Justin Rood says:

      Fanga’s first win was D1 Christchurch Round 1 2006

    9. Dougy says:

      Troy{the family guy}Forsythe Battle of the Islands 2012

    10. Gavin paterson says:

      Didn’t Shaun “the coach” falconer win three in a row 2006?

    11. Jayden says:

      Pitty the winning streak in the victor chapman car didnt carry on with bruce tannock,its done the complete opposite and put it on a loosing streak…..harsh?? but true hahaha

    12. Troy says:

      Didn’t adam win the grand final at puke as well as the D1 title 05? Sooooo long ago

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