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    Published on October 15th, 2012 | by TFBM


    The TFBM ‘Wanted List’

    Narrowing this down was collectively a tough call, we always seem to have things on our want list, we hope it gets you dreaming and adding to your list of things to achieve… big or small!


    Dublè Shower

    Mike and I have just moved into a total 70’s do-up house (not a word of a lie, it has not been touched since 1973!)… So I’m definitely wanting a shower upgrade… but I might have to lower my sights since we are rural-fied, on tank water, and nor have we won Big Wednesday!

    Double Shower

    Vanessa Eves

    This I can do!  Thanks to I’m really into this loaded bracelet look so I shall be investing on my mini-break to the GC this weekend! P.S. must include studs and spikes!


    New Wheel Love

    I have a dream, I have a big dream of having my poor neglected s14 actually being in the same city as me soon, and wait for it…. drum roll please…. actually driving it (novel, I know!).  But I feel she’s ready for a new look, so bold and bright here we come!



    Pioneer HDJ500s

    While I have already purchased these, they were on my ‘want’ list for some time.  They are a pair of Pioneer HDJ500s, because simply, life is too short to listen to bad music.  The quality of these things is insane. If you can spare the $899.00 then go for what The Fisherman sports, the Pioneer HDJ 2000′s otherwise, the price tag of $300.00 will get you these puppies and you will appreciate every cent spent. The “beats” line of headphones were an option but these offer pure clarity and the bass isn’t focused on excessively. Every song sounds new to me again.


    I have recently embarked on a journey of rebuilding a Datsun A12 (more on this in due course).  Now, as anyone who has dared to venture on such journey, they will know that finding brand new, yet genuine parts can be hard and somewhat time consuming.  I came across a website, who specialize in new, used and refurbished parts for Datsun engines. Based in Aussie, they deliver anywhere and I have already placed an order for some oversized flathead pistons, and my wish list with Baz and the team at Datsport is growing daily.


     2012 Ronix Krush Board with 2012 Ronix Luxe Bindings

    With summer soon approaching and the weather warming up, it’s time to dust off the wakeboard and load up the Randle’s MasterCraft X2 for some wake popping action.  Now, my current ride is the combination of a 2008 131 Hyperlite Blur wakeboard coupled with 2008 Liquid Force Fusion bindings, needless to say, it’s time for an upgrade.  I’ve got my eyes set on the 2012 Ronix Krush Board with 2012 Ronix Luxe Bindings. Not only does this board allow for riding the edge more effectively into both sides of the wake, it re-defines the demands needed for toe/heel side versatility -making it an all-round board for a rider of my capabilities. And let’s face it, how damn cute is it???



    A New Louis…

    At the extreme end of being materialistic lies Louis Vuitton handbags.  Totally unnecessary and completely indulgent, but still…I covet the LV Monogram Artsy.  Had things gone to plan this would have been in my hot little hand a few months ago for my ‘significant’ birthday…but other big purchases needed to take precedent at the time…there’s always Christmas (someone make sure this passes Zane’s eyes please…)

    LV Bag

    Urban Decay Naked Palette

    OK, so most of you probably saw ‘naked’ and suddenly got interested.  At this risk of letting you down, this is not some X-rated fetish of mine; instead it is an amazing makeup palette only really available in the U.S. I’ve recently become addicted (term not used lightly) to YouTube and a certain beauty channel by a Kiwi girl, Shaaanxo…she’s amazingly beautiful and by purchasing her favourite makeup I too will become as equally beautiful – right?  Anyone who knows where to get it in NZ (other than TradeMe) holla at me!


     The Neighbours to NOT build out my view!

    Here at Team Randle Headquarters, we have recently invested in a beautiful section ready to house our beautiful new home…all I wish, is for the neighbours in front to stick to their single level build design.  I will happily trade both the Louis Vuitton and the Naked Palette for a chance to wake up and look out at the gorgeous view every morning…pleeeeeeeeeeeaaase!!!!!!


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